The partnership with the Police forces gives rise to a range of products, that successfully meets what operations and investigations need.

SIO offers solutions that manage all levels of complexity: from a single intelligence operation that requires immediate activation, to complex operations distributed throughout the territory.

The purpose of SIO is to provide new generation and reliable solutions, specifically designed for intelligence operations.

SIO’s solutions are designed to incorporate relevant international standards so that they can adapt to future technological innovations and new standards.


The INTEGRA solution is uniquely designed to make all investigation material available for the analyst (based on a predefined security model imposing a “need-to-know” policy), hence giving the investigators the means to understand the big picture from all acquired, collected and intercepted information that is part of the organization’s investigatory effort.

INTEGRA is a Client-server solution, developed to support LEA operators throughout all the phases of the investigation.

INTEGRA features a user-friendly interface, developed in collaboration with the operators that use the system on a daily basis.



The SIO S-devices are the latest generation solutions for GPS tracking, audio and video eavesdropping.

The range of SIO S-devices has been entirely designed, developed and manufactured in our laboratories to provide cutting-edge technologies and ensure the greatest efficiency during intelligence operations.

All of the devices meet the criteria for high precision, exceptional sound quality, low power usage, and reliability.


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