Monitoring. Localization. Analysis.

SIO solutions are designed to fill different environmental and dimensional needs: from tactical operations to complex deployment on the territory.


Monitoring: Data and Voice communications

Integra is an audio and data lawful interception solution, modular and flexible.
Integra is a Client-server solution, developed to support LEA operators throughout all the phases of the investigation.
Integra features a user friendly interface developed in collaboration with the operators that use the system every day.


Real time Audio and GPS monitoring of vehicles and people

Gaia is the SIO solution for the real time audio and gps monitoring of an unlimited number of vehicles and people. Gaia solution ensures total control of both the targets of the investigation and the police operators during observation, surveillance and tailing operations: from the central server to the data display stations and the tracking devices for satellite localisation and audio and video eavesdropping.

Tracking, audio and video devices

Localization and audio /video eavesdropping

The SIO tracking devices are the latest generation peripherals for satellite localization, audio and video eavesdropping. The range of SIO tracking devices has been entirely designed, developed and manufactured in our laboratories to provide leading edge technologies and ensure the greatest efficiency during intelligence operations. All the devices satisfy the requirements of high precision, high level of sound quality, low power consumption and reliability. For more information about the new SIO devices

Tactical solutions

Mobile accessibility

The SIO tactical solutions are designed to allow the officers operating in the field to activate and manage intelligence operations.


Drone Video Recording Services

The SIO Fly is a new solution for high quality video recordings realized using remote controlled Drone. SIO Fly can be adopted by LEA Forces for security and surveillance activities, inspections mapping and monitoring of properties, investigations and research also in inaccessible areas. The video recordings are realized using the latest generation video devices, ensuring high performances, image clarity and definition.